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Tools for Self-Kindness: Taming Your Inner Bully
Online Course

Tired of the constant chatter of judgment in your head? You know that voice—the one that tells you what you should have or could have done and what is wrong with you. The voice that makes you unhappy. 

What would it be like to know deep down inside that the roar of disapproval is just a habit you learned a long time ago and that it often tells you lies and things that aren’t very useful? What would it be like to talk back?

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In this class, you’ll learn to:

  • Observe the judging mind without believing the stories
  • Use kindness to change your inner dialogue
  • Meet and manage difficult emotions
  • Rewire your brain with loving-kindness meditation
  • Transform your inner bully into your inner coach

Tools for Self-Kindness: Taming Your Inner Bully
Online Program with Carol Hendershot

Carol has been teaching mindfulness since 2008 and brings a wealth of experience and training to her work as an instructor. Carol began her journey into mindfulness more than 35 years ago to help with her own stress and anxiety, and she has since become a passionate advocate for these powerful but simple practices. Carol’s classes emphasize safety and self-honoring as she guides students to build resilience and strengthen their mindfulness skills. Learn more on our Instructor Bios page. 

Class Details:

Attendance at a Free Information Session is STRONGLY recommended. The class consists of five weekly sessions. Tuition includes lifetime access to meditation audio files, digital downloads, and the course handbook through the MetaFi app.

Upcoming Classes

To comply with the governor’s Stay-At-Home Order, we have moved all our upcoming classes to an online, interactive format. Please sign up for a Free Info Session to receive updates. Even if you can’t participate live, you’ll receive a recording of the info session afterwards.

Free Information Session:

Monday, June 1, 6:30 – 7:30 pm (EDT) with Carol, online via Zoom

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Online Class Schedule:

Mondays, June 8 – July 6, 6:30 – 8:30 pm (EDT)

5-Week Class Registration: $165 – $265 Sliding Scale Tuition

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Now more than ever, people need to learn about and practice mindfulness. We want to make the benefits of mindfulness available to you while also keeping you safe. Based on the uncertainty of the future with regard to COVID-19, we will keep our reduced pricing for our June session and plan to host online only until the Stay-At-Home Order is lifted.

Discounts available for couples and previous students – contact our office at 616.361.3660 or to inquire.

Because we believe cost should not be a barrier to mindfulness education, we offer payment plans on all offerings. We also have limited scholarships available for students unable to pay at the low end of the sliding scale. Contact us for more information.