Mindful Stress Reduction Classes for Upper Elementary

with Cheryl Blackington, M.Ed.

Classes Now Full – Please email Cheryl to be placed on a wait list for spring classes scheduled for April 9, 16, 23, and 30
 9 – 11
Dates: Tuesdays, February 12 – March 5
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Cost: $25/session
Scholarships available upon request
Location: Holistic Care Approach
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These one-hour classes were created just for the 9-11 year old. To get the most out of the course, I recommend all of the classes. However, you can select one or two, or whatever fits into your schedule. Each class will have a main idea, some hands on practices/activities, heartfulness/kindness activities, and handouts for weekly practice. Please feel free to email or call with questions!

Dates and Topics:

  • Week One: Working With Anxiety: Heart and Mind Tools
    Tuesday February 12, 2019

    • Understand Mindfulness and how it helps our brain gain calm, balance, attention
    • Beginning practices of mindfulness- listening, noticing, non judging experiences
    • FInding our anchor and learning how it helps our brain
    • Developing a kinder attitude toward oneself- counteracting the negativity bias
    • Learning how mindfulness can help us feel better, develops resilience, and helps in all areas of life such school stress: Homework, test taking, paying attention
  • Week Two: Working with Anxiety: Heart and Mind Tools
    ​Tuesday February 19, 2019

    • Learn the difference between physical sensations and emotions.
    • Practice noticing where in our body we feel various sensations- this helps us stay with our actual experience rather than our “mind stories”
    • Practices to develop generosity- awakening our kind attitudes towards others and ourselves
    • Apply to areas of our life that cause us stress- such as homework, tests, friends
  • Week Three: Working with Anxiety: Noticing our thoughts as just thoughts- not facts!
    Tuesday February 29, 2019

    • Learning to stay in the present- letting go of past and future worries
    • An untrained mind is much like a puppies! They get us into trouble!
    • Using our sense of sight- another sense that helps us stay out of “puppy mind”
    • Noticing how kindness makes us feel happier- developing a kind and caring playground
    • Apply to areas of our life that cause us stress, such as homework, test, friends
  •  Week Four: Working with Anxiety: Noticing our thoughts as just thoughts- not facts!
    Tuesday March 5, 2019

    • Learning to notice our emotions, and where they “live” in our bodies
    • Learn to create space during strong emotions – pause, breathe, respond
    • Learn calming tools such as self-care practices and physical movement
    • Treat yourself with kindness and caring
    • Apply to read of life that cause us stress such as homework, tests, and friends

No experience necessary! We hope you will join us for an inquiry into the present moment with kindness and curiosity.

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Cheryl Blackington, M.Ed.
Mindfulness Instructor
Grand Rapids, MI