Mindfulness is a life skill that helps imagechildren learn self-regulation, improve attention skills, build resiliency, and develop more compassion for themselves and others. It is a life skill that can improve overall health and well-being.

Growing a kind and compassionate world through the practice and growth of Mindfulness in schools for students, staff and parents


  • Supporting school leaders in the growth of evidence based mindfulness practices
  • Providing teacher training in a personal practice of mindfulness
  • Providing teacher training in teaching mindfulness to students
  • Support the implementation of mindfulness in schools through a ‘community of practice’
  • Support the growth of mindfulness in our communities through Mindfulness Meet Ups and Family Day events


imageMindful Schools Certified Instructor

Patti has been teaching the Mindful Schools Curriculum since the spring of 2013.  She has taught PS/K – 12th graders in both private and public school settings.  She has had a personal mindfulness practice that formally began with an amazing instructor, April Hadley (Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness), and a MBSR course. She has been practicing mindfulness for many years and will confirm that it has changed her life in immeasurable ways. She completed a yearlong course with the Mindful Schools group based in California, to become a certified Mindful Schools Instructor. Patti has also received training from Patricia C. Broderick, Ph.D, author of “Learning to Breathe” an adolescent mindfulness curriculum. She has completed the yearlong evidenced based, Koru Mindfulness Training program for Emerging Adults (ages 18 – 29) e.g. college – aged students. In July 2017 she completed a week long intensive training in Making Friends with Yourself, a self compassion training for adolescents and young adults.

With over 35 years of experience in the field of education and a Masters degree in the area of Learning Disabilities, she has loved every aspect of her career.  Whether it was as a special education teacher, a teacher consultant, a curriculum director, a professional learning consultant, title I director, adjunct instructor at Aquinas, CMU, or GVSU, educational consultant for Kent ISD or a supervisor for special education interns for GVSU, each role has taught her so much about the stressful and yet amazing educational system.

Bringing Mindfulness into the K – 12 + College setting has become a passion; a passion of giving back to this meaningful endeavor called ‘education’.  A place where expectations are set high for both students and teachers and a place where resources are few, a place where stress is thriving.  Mindfulness in education is an evidenced based practice that has the potential to bring focus and calm and care to our often-overwhelmed students, teachers and staff.  Evidence is mounting that Mindfulness breed’s resiliency-the ability to cope in difficult situations, and bounce back from adversity. Perhaps this is the future of education, and it can begin with us.

Patricia Ward, M.Ed.
Mindful Schools Certified Instructor
Grand Rapids, MI