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Friday, November 13, 2020 • 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

6 CE/CPEs Pending for Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses and Dietitians

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Ronald Siegel

New Frontiers in Mindfulness and Compassion:
Pathways to Freedom and Resilience

with Ronald D. Siegel, PsyD – Harvard Medical School


Why does one person recover quickly from adversity, while another gets derailed? Can we cultivate this capacity for resilience even if we’ve had a difficult upbringing, or faced many hardships? This workshop will address how mindfulness and compassion practices can help us not only bounce back from painful experiences, but to grow from them to engage more fully in life.

We must be careful though, because any practice that is powerful enough to create meaningful change is also powerful enough to cause harm.

Mindfulness and compassion practices can increase our capacity to bear emotional and physical pain and lower our resistance to difficult feelings, thoughts, and memories. Unfortunately, they don’t always do these things at the same pace—and this can lead to trouble.

Why? Because resilience requires us to feel painful feelings but also to be able to put them aside at times in order to function. We therefore need to creatively adapt practices to meet different needs in different moments—and this workshop will show you how.

We’ll also investigate another important promise of mindfulness and compassion practices—their ability to transform our relationship to thoughts and emotions, helping us to see them as automatic, impersonal responses.

When we look deeply at ourselves, we see that we don’t have a single secure self but a multitude of sub-personalities. Learning to apply mindfulness and compassion practices to the many parts of ourselves allows us to relate to all of our experiences—pleasant and unpleasant, every-day, and traumatic—as opportunities to awaken, grow, and heal the heart and mind.

Through this experiential workshop, you will:

  • Learn how to use mindfulness and compassion practices to strengthen your ability to remain present in the face of emotional and physical pain
  • Increase agility in responding to different needs in different moments
  • Understand when to engage in and take a break from practice
  • Investigate how practice can transform our relationship to thoughts and emotions, allowing us to see them as automatic, impersonal responses
  • Learn what it means to allow room for all of the facets of our unique personalities and experiences 

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