Not Another Zoom Call!

We’ve all gone through a year+ now with video meetings taking the place of in-person connection. And Zoom fatigue is real

Yet, we’d like to invite you to our upcoming online multi-week classes, or our free introductory classes two weeks before. 

We get it: The last thing most people want to take on these days is one more Zoom call. 

But while most video conferences on your schedule are asking for a chunk of your time, energy, or input, our online classes are meant to help you add some peace, balance, and restoration to multiple areas of your life! 

Overcoming Obstacles

If you have kids, roommates, or loved ones sharing space with you, it can feel impossible to find some peace and quiet to participate in a live, online class. Or maybe technology is so not your thing, and you’d rather wait until you can attend our offerings in-person. These are valid frustrations, and yet, they’re potentially a mindfulness practice in themselves.

Intentionally choosing to invest time and energy into your own well-being despite these challenges is no easy feat. However, the skills learned in these classes could be exactly what you need to get through this uncertain time. 

Mindfulness, self-compassion, and resilience are crucial tools for balanced, skillful action in the face of uncertainty. Not only do these practices help reduce emotional reactivity and stress; they can actually help you tap into a natural sense of joy and ease, too! 

If you need a change, why wait?

Getting Out of Our Own Way

There will always be obstacles to participating in a class like this. Life will always present challenges to test our determination. If you find yourself longing to pursue the topic of an upcoming class, we encourage you to just jump in! You won’t regret it.

We’re all so very eager to return to the in-person experience, but we humbly acknowledge the need to wait until we’re able to host in a safe and wise manner. So, we’ll continue online for the foreseeable future. 

It IS Doable! Tips to Make Online Classes Work for You

  • Create a relaxing space. Have a chair, cushion, or yoga mat available nearby. Set up an inviting area with candles, plants, blankets, a cup of tea, and anything else that might be comforting for you. 
  • Test your technology. You can participate by computer, tablet, or smartphone. A free introductory class is a great opportunity to try out the technology and get acquainted with the online class setting. (Zoom’s FAQs can be a great support if you’re new to the platform.)
  • If possible, arrange for your children or other housemates to be away or quietly occupied. If you expect you might get interrupted, you can always mute your microphone and/or turn off your video during the guided meditations. 
  • Catch up later, if necessary. If you find you need to break away during a session, you can relax in knowing that a recording of the class is available by request. We want you to be able to comfortably participate AND get as much out of the class as you can. Much of the value participants get from our programs is in the face-to-face discussion with the instructor and your classmates. 

If you want to give it a try, we invite you to sign up, confident that we will happily refund you or save your registration for a future, in-person date if the online format just doesn’t work for you. 

We’re encouraged by the positive feedback we’ve received so far about the online experience, and we’re hopeful that we can make it work for you, too! View our upcoming classes and register today. 

This post was written in collaboration with Jeni Juarez.

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