Mindful Parenting:
Presence, Not Perfection

Online 3-Week Class

Upcoming Dates:

We plan to offer this live course again in March 2021.

Parents or caregivers interested in working through the course independently can email info@grcfm.com to inquire or register.

Mindful Parenting:
Presence, Not Perfection

Parenting is hard! And yet, we do the best we can, working with what we’ve picked up along the way. Cultivating the skills of mindful parenting can help us take a step back, see the bigger picture, and get in touch with our inherent wisdom. These skills give us the confidence we need to parent effectively, even when it gets tough.

It’s impossible to be the “perfect” parent, and that’s an unfair standard to hold ourselves to. But when we choose to be present with and for our children, we create space for everyone in our family to thrive.  

While developed specifically for parents, this interactive, experiential class is appropriate for grandparents, foster parents, and others in caregiving roles to children of all ages

Connect with other parents and find support for your journey!

In this class, you'll learn to:

  • Ground yourself when you get emotionally triggered
  • Practice guided meditations to enhance positive parenting
  • Develop clear boundaries that align with your values
  • Build a toolbox of self-care practices
  • Discipline with mindfulness and kindness

Class Overview

Week 1 – Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Mindfulness and its benefits
  • Learning to meditate as busy parents
  • Practices to see your child more clearly
  • Learning to ground yourself when feeling emotionally activated
  • Recognizing the signs of reactive behavior

Week 2 – Aligning Values and Parenting Practices

  • Family values and the role of discipline
  • Building our family core values
  • Developing parenting practices that align with your values

Week 3 – Regulating Emotions: Learning to Ride the Waves

  • Learning to find balance and calm and also help your child regulate
  • Common triggers and ways to meet them
  • Tantrums, meltdowns, and do-overs

New parenting and meditation practices introduced each week.

“Parenting is one of the most challenging, demanding, and stressful jobs on the planet. It is also one of the most important, for how it is done influences in great measure the heart and soul and consciousness of the next generation, their experience of meaning and connection, their repertoire of life skills, and their deepest feelings about themselves and their possible place in a rapidly changing world.” – Jon & Myla Kabat-Zinn

Class Details

  • This class consists of three live, weekly sessions. We understand it can be challenging to attend a scheduled class right now; if you can’t commit to the live sessions, we can send you the recordings to watch as you’re able!
  • Tuition includes app-based access to meditation audio files, digital downloads, and the course handbook through MetaFi, plus all upgraded features of MetaFi.
  • Online classes meet on the Zoom video conferencing platform. (Hesitant to participate online? Read our tips for making it work, or contact us to discuss!)

Dates & Registration

Online Class Schedule

The next live class will be held in March 2021. If you would like to purchase the recorded classes, meditations, and workbook to work through the material independently, please contact info@grcfm.com. Once you've paid for the course, you are welcome to join the live classes, as well!

3-Week Class Registration:
Single: $90 – $130 – $170
Couple: $155 –$215 –$275
Sliding Scale Tuition

Questions about this class?

Tuition Assistance Available

Because we believe cost should not be a barrier to accessing mindfulness education, we offer payment plans on all offerings. We also have limited scholarships available for students unable to pay at the low end of the sliding scale. Contact our office for more information.

Online Only in Response to COVID-19

Now more than ever, people need to learn about and practice mindfulness. We want to make the benefits of mindfulness available to you while also keeping you safe. Based on the uncertainty of the future with regard to COVID-19, we will keep our reduced pricing and plan to host online only until further notice.

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