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Due to ever increasing challenges in today’s workplace, individuals are experiencing higher degrees of stress. When stress levels are too high, efficiency and innovation diminish, as does the health and well-being of the corporation and its employees. However, the very same energy that is lost to managing stress can be harnessed and used to optimize the workplace environment.

Our corporate programs are based on the groundbreaking work of Jon Kabat-Zinn at the Center for Mindfulness located at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. The programs we offer are supported by extensive, widely published research, which has demonstrated that it is possible to learn how to integrate the skills of healthy living and stress management in the workplace and life. Using the traditional Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Course as the foundation, we offer customizable programs designed to meet the specific needs of your unique setting and enhance the creativity, focus, motivation, and health of your employees.


Our program is typically offered on-site, within a time frame designed to be convenient for your workplace setting. We offer the following formats as a starting point:

Key Program Components

Participants learn how to integrate and practice present moment awareness through the following program components:

Mindfulness Practices: Participants are offered a diversity of practices so they can integrate mindfulness into the workplace in a way that works for their unique setting. Participants practice body scan meditations, gentle yoga and walking meditation as well as breathing meditation. Instructional CD’s are provided to support ongoing practice.

Stress Management: Participants learn strategies, which allow them to recognize patterns of the mind and body that contribute to stressful outcomes. Once these patterns are understood, participants learn how to restructure negative thoughts and behaviors, leading to a sense of empowerment in the workplace.

Effective Communication and Time Management: Participants learn to distinguish and implement effective patterns of communication as well as how to effectively manage their time through the skills of attention and concentration.

Physical Activity: Participants learn principles of mindful exercise and how to incorporate appropriate physical activity into their lives in a way that promotes health and decreases incidents of injury.

Healthy Eating: Participants learn how to bring mindful attention to habits, which promote a lifestyle of simple, healthy eating. Participants learn how to integrate these choices into a busy lifestyle resulting in improved health, energy levels and mental disposition.


Costs for Corporate workshops will vary depending on the chosen format, chosen program, and number of participants.

If you are interested in bringing a mindfulness workshop or course to your business or organization, please contact Carol Hendershot at Carol@grcfm or April Hadley at April@grcfm or call 616-361-3660.