Mindful Parents, Mindful Families

“During stressful parenting moments we may “lose control” or “flip our lid” and let our emotions control our reactions. When we “fly off the handle,” it happens so quickly and we aren’t thinking about how our children are perceiving us. Our reactions can be very scary to kids. Also, we are modeling that this is how grown ups react to stress. If we choose to be more mindful by pausing before responding, we can teach kids that they, too, can pause and choose to respond instead of react.” Dan Siegel, Clinical Psychologist

Being a mindful parent does not mean being a “perfect parent” and it is not something that you achieve, but rather something you continuously work toward. It takes consistent practice to be able to stand outside of our knee-jerk reactions to stressful situations. Join us for one of our Parenting Workshops or Mindful Family Days to learn more about how to incorporate these practical, easy-to-remember tools into your family’s life.

Benefits of mindful parenting
  • You become more aware of your feelings and thoughts
  • You become more aware and responsive of your child’s needs, thoughts, and feelings
  • You become better at regulating your emotions
  • You become less critical of yourself and your child
  • You become better at standing back from situations and avoiding impulsive reactions
  • Your relationship with your child will improve

To find out when upcoming classes are happening, please contact our office at info@grcfm.com or 616.361.3660