Now partnering with MetaFi™ to bring you a lifetime of mindfulness and self-awareness

We have some exciting news! Starting with our January 2019 classes, Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness is now partnering with the MetaFi+ App to offer our students access to all the amazing features of MetaFi+ as part of our 8-Week Classes. The MetaFi™ App was designed by therapists to help you mindfully align your body, heart, and mind to increase your emotional intelligence, improve your relationships, and enhance your productivity, creativity, and stress management ability.

  • Keep track of your emotions, their intensity, and where they reside in the body
  • See how your activities affect your emotions
  • Learn how weather affects your emotions
  • Journal about your experience
  • Set reminders to check in
  • View your emotional history for all time or by date range
  • Compare dates and look at how weather affects your emotions
  • Deep breathing exercises at your fingertips to reduce your stress
  • Additional features being added soon!
As a student of one of GRCFM 8-Week Programs you will receive all these benefits plus:
  • Access to all of the guided meditations for your class
  • An invitation each time you complete a meditation to create an entry to enhance your self-awareness
  • A pdf file of the workbook from your class
  • All handouts and reading from your class
  • Any future updates to your class materials and meditations
Special Offer for all past 8-Week GRCFM Students

The minute we started using the App, we realized what a great tool it is. We’re very excited to make this available to you as well!

All previous students have the opportunity to purchase lifetime access to this incredible tool with all the GRCFM added features for a one-time payment of only $20*

*cost is $20.00 for access to one class. Each additional class adds $15

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