Youth, Teen, and Young Adult Mindfulness Programs

Mindfulness can benefit young people in so many ways, including improved mental health, improved attentiveness and impulse control, and decreased social anxiety and stress. Perhaps most powerfully, understanding and practicing mindfulness empowers children and students of all ages to find peace even in life's difficult moments. An opportunity to learn about mindfulness will help create foundations for healthy habits and give them skills that will last a lifetime! Cheryl Blackington of Teens Just Breathe offers the following programs (click to visit the website): 

Listen to what mindfulness instructor Cheryl Blackington has to say about the value and importance of teaching mindfulness practices to adolescents and teens in this interview with Peter Grostic from Communications by Design:

Instructor Cheryl Blackington

Cheryl is a retired middle school teacher who has been teaching youth mindfulness classes for over eight years and mindful parenting for over five years. Cheryl earned her M.Ed from Grand Valley State University and has taught students of all ages and needs throughout her long career. 

Cheryl has trained and earned certification to teach mindfulness through the Mindfulness in Schools program. She has completed training with Making Friends with Yourself (a teen equivalent to Mindful Self-Compassion for adults), Koru Mindfulness training for college-aged adults, and has participated in countless training sessions. 

Cheryl is an avid, lifelong learner and passionately believes that mindfulness will change the world—one person at a time!

Contact Cheryl: or 616-581-9217

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