What a Feel-Good T-Shirt Slogan Can Teach Us About Mindfulness

by Ashley Bovin

I’ve noticed a phrase floating around on the internet lately, on mugs and t-shirts for sale and colorful social media feeds, meant to promote a positive attitude: “No Bad Days.” 

The first few times I saw this phrase, I thought it was rather dismissive. I feel confident saying that I’ve had plenty of bad days in my life. And this trendy new ...

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Embrace Your Love of Food This Holiday Season

by Lori Schermers, RD

The holidays are filled with the warmth of love from family and friends, brilliant decorations, and an abundance of food and traditions. Many of us eagerly anticipate the traditional foods of the season while worrying about how to manage the numerous social events.

The stress of the holiday season combined with the abundance of seasonal foods, including desserts and treats, creates understandable challenges for eating ...

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Letting Go of the Tail of the Elephant

by Carol Hendershot

There is a story about a group of blind men who came upon a strange and wondrous creature called an elephant. None of them had ever heard of such a strange beast before and decided to check it out. With some trepidation, they approached the animal from different angles. One approached from the front and touched the elephant’s trunk, proclaiming that this creature resembled a very thick snake. ...

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Tools for a Mindful Life: Curiosity

Remaining open to life and what it can teach us

By Ashley Bovin

When we start to practice mindfulness, we’re invited to adopt some new tools and attitudes. One of the most important is curiosity. 

Have you ever heard the aphorism, “Interested people are interesting people?” 

I don’t suggest we should seek for others to think we’re interesting, but consider the ...

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Caught: How We Can Get Addicted to Almost Anything and How Mindfulness Can Help

By Carol Hendershot

The brain is an amazing, simplifying mechanism. It loves to automate as much as possible; otherwise, how would we make it through our lives (or even one day)?

The more automatic our brain can make our life, the more energy it can conserve for the hard work of meeting new experiences and figuring out how to make them more automatic.

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What Does Happiness Mean to You?

By Jeni Juarez

A year or so ago, I was having a really beautiful conversation with a friend of mine. We were each sharing about how our life trajectories had changed over the years, and how we were now aspiring to different goals. I came right out and asked her, “What is it that you want?” She told me, “I just want to be happy.” 

I paused for a moment, took ...

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