First Mindfulness Family Day

by Patti Ward, Mindful Schools Certified Instructor

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. —Robert Lewis Stevenson

I am very happy to report that we had a wonderful first family day. It was an opportunity for parents to participate in mindfulness activities with their children. We learned about some of the brain science behind mindfulness, practiced mindful listening, mindful breathing, mindful movement with Qigong movements, and a heartfulness family practice. Each family created a “Gratitude Jar” to take home and add to in the weeks ahead. We shared an article from the Greater Good Science Center titled, “Planting Seeds of Peace,” and each family was given a packet of seeds to plant.

The best reward was a letter from a dad that attended with his 4th grade daughter. He gave me permission to share:

Thank you so much for offering the family class. We are trying to incorporate mindfulness into our daily family life and you provided us with some great tools that we have used. In fact, as I was leaving for work on what Lily knew would be a challenging day full of tough budget meetings, Lily told me that she loved me and said, “remember to be mindful today.”

The class was well done and very informal. Lily doesn’t often share in a public setting like that, but she was so comfortable she felt no apprehension participating. We talked all the way home about what we learned and as soon as she got home she told her mom all about it. As a result of her enthusiasm and continued interest she is now signed up for the summer youth class that is appropriate for her age. Thank you also for the attachments and list of apps. They are going to be very helpful.

An interesting side note…

As I shared with the group I have been on my own journey into the world of being mindful and reducing my own personal stress in hopes of finding happiness and peace. We had our annual corporate manager’s meeting and the keynote speaker’s topic was all about work life balance and without calling it mindfulness shared many techniques based in mindfulness. It spurred a lot of conversation and self-reflection throughout the day. Seems that the universe is speaking out in support of more peace and happiness 😉

I think that the next time that you offer the family class my wife will be coming to it.

Thank you,
Scott & Lily

Thank you to those of you who participated and shared in the first of many more Family Days to come . . . stay tuned for upcoming dates.

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