Mindfulness: The Antidote to Unproductive Meetings

Many of us spend large parts of our workdays in meetings that seem to go nowhere. Maybe we are not paying attention when important concepts are being introduced, or our ideas don’t get the consideration they deserve because everyone is busy on their respective devices or lost in their thoughts. In either case, there is a waste of time and resources. Important decisions don’t get made, and opportunities are lost. So, how do we change this? How can our organizations take full advantage of the collective wisdom of all the participants? Here are some suggestions for bringing more mindfulness and …

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Why Leaders Need Mindfulness

During my career, I’ve been in many leadership positions and I’ve worked with many different leaders. We all seem to get tripped up and stumble in the same places, and our effectiveness suffers. We don’t take the time, or aren’t able, to get through all the noise and confusion to see what is actually happening; we can’t clear enough mental space in our overloaded brains to come up with groundbreaking solutions; and we too often lose touch with the very people that can help us navigate change successfully. The qualities of an effective leader that I’ve observed and experienced really …

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