what are they saying

Below are personal testimonies from our students and supporters/colleagues. Find out what other people are saying and how mindfulness has affected their lives!

“The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program was a revolutionary act of self-kindness and personal transformation. The skills I learned and the realizations I had have permanently altered my heart, my head
and my life. I will always be grateful for the course, its lessons and generous teachers.”

– VKS, Attorney

“The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class has profoundly changed my daily life! The tools I learned have helped me find balance in my chaotic existence and I highly recommend it.”

– Libbie Tupper, Director of Sales

“This course has been life changing. The practice has become a part of my morning ritual. Every day is different and I am learning to just accept what comes both on my cushion and in my daily life. Keep emphasizing how important it is to do all the homework.”

– Sue Hodges

“I found the class incredibly informative. I attended this class with my spouse which allowed me the opportunity to know him better, encouraging communication and connecting on a new level even after 31 years. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is intrigued by their life journey.”

– Nannette Bowen, Physicians Assistant-Certified.

“The mindfulness meditation class has been a godsend. I knew I was stressed, but I had no idea the toll my stress was taking on my body and my mind. This class has slowed me down so I can better enjoy each and every moment.”

– Kelly, Business Owner